Antares liners - Set B Head circumference

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Caractéristics :

Antares helmet liners are made of 2 sets of pads  :

* SET B, “Head circumference pad” which adjust the shell around the head and make the size (head measurement) depending on the size of the shell.  The back part of this pad is removable to give more space if the rider wants to wear it with hairs inside.

* SET A, “Top and front pads” which adjust the helmet depth and on the front

The complete liner is the combination of a SETA and a SETB

Colour and Sizes :

SETB: available in black, 4 thicknesses: 4-8-12-16 mm

SETA: available in black, 2 thicknesses: 4-8 mm

Care :

Hand wash in warm water

Products + :

Optimal adjustment to different shapes of head (round or oval)

Adjustment of the depth of the helmet with the 2 SETA options


OEKO-TEX® certified

Made in Italy


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