Royal Rider Sport Stirrups


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RR SPORT is a technical and stirrup, extremely light but highly resistant thanks to its techno polymer construction.

Its soft curves design a wide and spacious arch of high ergonomics, stability and safety.

Perfect for all disciplines. The most loved by riders all over the world.

It requires reduced maintenance, easy to wash with water, without losing any mechanical and aesthetic features. Excellent durability, adapting to both high and low temperatures.

The elegant lines characterize this technical stirrup: extremely resistant perfect for those seeking comfort in outdoor activities.

The bench presents a stainless steel grip, shiny gloss and is extremely durable. A non-slip rubber spare part is supplied to satisfy every need.

Supplied in six models. Black with satin finish. 


Technical features :

Made in Italy CE
Material : DuPont®
Stirrup-bar size : 120x64 mm
Stirrup size : 145x64x171 mm
Weight : 240 gr
Tension breaking load : 750 kgs


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