Precision Y noseband bridle

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Bridle made with french soft leather. Antarès Y noseband optimize the pressure and provide better contact with the mouth. "Precision" anatomic head piece which releases the cervical vertebras. Special throat-lash fastener, to avoid any additional pressure above the head. Protected buckles in order to avoid possible risks of injuries.

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Headpiece :

“Precision” headpiece was designed by Antares Research and Development together with vets and osteopaths to improve the comfort of the horse.
With its special cutting which releases totally the 1st cervical vertebras, it avoids the discomfort that might be generated by the pressure of a classical headpiece on the nape.
“Precision” headpiece is approved by the FEI for Jumping, Eventing and Dressage.

Noseband :

The Y noseband (Registered pattern) is designed to optimize the control of the opening of the mouth and shifting of the jaws. Its exclusive shape (mix between a Figure 8 and a drop noseband) helps to canalized strong horses as well as delicate ones who avoid contact with the bit.

The special cutting and soft padding prevent from pressure on nostrils and pinching at the corner of the mouth.

Leather :

Antarès bridlework line is made in French full grain leather especially selected and

developed for Antares by the tannery Arnal in Rodez France.
Width and density of the hides are strictly controlled and the vegetable tanning process, based on chestnuts, is especially developed for bridlework to insure its longevity and avoid stretching. Except from pigmentation, the leather grain is not altered during tanning and finishing processes to guarantee its exclusive softness and resistance.

Colors and finishing :

Malt - cream stiching / Black - black stitching

Stainless Antarès buckles

Oiled before shipping

Delivered in an Antarès bridle bag

Without reins

Sizes :

1 (cob) - 2 (full)


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