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Galaxy helmet

In stock (subject to pending orders)

$ 500.00

The ANTARES Helmet has been tested with success on the following standards:

ASTM F1163-15 / EN1384-2017 / VG1 01.040 2014-12.

The ANTARES helmet has the CE-marking and SEI Certification.

Our helmet ensure optimal safety.

Very light, comfortable and beautiful. Maximum ventilation keeps air flowing (4 vents  in the front and 2 in the back). Inner pads are removable and washable.  

The strip and triangle are removable and can be customized. Vents, triangle and clip are chromed.

The Galaxy helmet comes in 4 different colors:

- Blue/Blue                            - Black London

- Blue/Brown                         - Black/Black

3 sets of pads are delivered with the helmet:

- Size S (54 to 56)

- Size M (57 to 59)

Price does not include sales tax, importation tax, service and shipping fee. Price subject to change.


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