Premium glossy helmet

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  • S (54-56)
  • M (57-59)

$ 690.00

Antares helmet is approved 89/686/EEC/SEI.

Our helmet ensure optimal safety.

Very light, comfortable and beautiful. Maximum ventilation keeps air flowing (4 vents  in the front and 2 in the back). Inner pads are removable and washable. They are designed to customize the fit. Three sets of inner pads are delivered with the helmet.

The bandeau and triangle are removable and can be customized.

The shell and the bandeau are available in four different colors : brown, black, grey and blue. Silver logo. The head piece and harness are made of leather matching the colorof the helmet. Triangle, vents and clip are silver.

Price does not include sales tax, importation tax, service and shipping fee.  Price subject to change.

Helmets with SEI certification (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) are custom made. The manufacturing time will take around 4-6 weeks from your order.

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